A blog is a powerful tool for content marketing and creative expression. I’ll make yours stand out in the overcrowded blogosphere.

I’m a big believer in the power of storytelling, and I’ve enjoyed working on staff as a brand blogger and for independent clients as a freelance blogger for hire. I’m also a blogging consultant and teacher, and frequently speak at conferences and schools on the topic. Click over to my Appearances page for a complete list of where I’ve taught and where to find me over the next several months.

My approach to blogging is informed by my journalism background. I start by researching (both the topic and SEO keywords), asking questions, and gathering information. Then I put on my freelance blogger for hire hat and write, focusing on creating the most engaging, informative, and click-worthy copy, always written in the unique voice of the client. Optimization comes last; I look for areas where I can incorporate keywords and keyword synonyms, never sacrificing the storytelling for selling. (Let’s face it: Google’s pretty smart about this.)

If the client needs some tips on repurposing the copy on other social platforms, I also highlight bite-size passages that can be used for this purpose, or provide several variations on social media posts that can be used over a longer period to extend the early life of the blog post. My goal is to help my clients get their blogs up and running, stocked with good-quality content and armed with the practical tools they need to maintain an authoritative blog that both ranks well in search and entertains.

As the founding editor of Fresh American Style, I developed most of the lifestyle and decor blog’s content library. I invite you to read more of my work there and on the blogs of just a few of my other clients.