Content Marketing: Blogging for Nature Works


I work on a wide variety of digital marketing projects these days, and I like them all for different reasons. But the journalist in me will always have a soft spot for blogging, because it allows me to tell stories in longer form. I’ve been especially delighted to work with the owners of Nature Works, an organic land-care company in Lee, Massachusetts, because they have a very specific philosophy for their content marketing and blog: they want every article to be readable and entertaining, and prioritize educating the audience and exploring the beauty of language over courting a higher search ranking.

During Nature Works’ primary growing season, about six months per year, I convene with the owners to choose a topic, then set off to research and come up with my own take on it. I’ve yet to be given a topic I didn’t find interesting, and frequently wind up falling down the research rabbit hole, simply because I enjoy reading about everything from home orcharding to connecting with the landscape after a long winter. And, yes, I had a terrific time researching the post on iconic author Edith Wharton’s expansive gardens, which—tough gig—included an in-person visit and ramble around the estate.

Here are three of my favorite Nature Works blog posts so far:

What Is Organic Land Care?

Starting a Garden in July

Great Gardens: Edith Wharton’s The Mount





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