Mother’s Day Greeting Card Copywriting

Robin Catalano greeting card copywriter writer mothers day cards RS


The team at Bella Print Works wanted to create a unique pack of Mother’s Day cards that eschewed the mushy sentimentalism of the greeting cards of decades past. Funny, youthful, irreverent, and meaningful were words they tossed my way; then they handed over the reins.

As a copywriter, these are the types of projects that really stoke the creative fire. Greeting cards also kick the analytical and problem-solving part of my brain into motion, as I create content that not only fits the client’s voice and personality, but also expresses emotion with economy of words—and without repeating what’s already on the market. Bella’s greeting card pack was a challenge to write in the best possible way, and I look forward to helping the company develop more original copy for its growing product line.

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