SEO Copywriting: Product Category Description

Pine Cone Hill SEO writing sample, featuring a search engine-optimized category description.

Robin Catalano freelance writer SEO copywriter ecommerce product descriptions

The term SEO copywriter wasn’t even on most professional writers’ radars ten years ago, but those of us who have worked in marketing and advertising long-term have learned how to apply our brand storytelling skills to this new form of writing, which helps your products and services rank higher in organic search. As an SEO copywriter, my job is to maximize your ranking opportunities by using strategic keyword insertions in text that sounds fluid, natural, and fun to read — not like it was written by a keyword-stuffing robot.

SEO copywriting doesn’t necessarily need to be long or involved, but it does need to be done well. Partner with me on your next digital media product, and get it right the first time.


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