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Fresh American SEO writing sample, featuring a search engine-optimized product description.

Robin Catalano SEO product descriptions freelance writer copywriting

A common misconception in digital commerce is that a great image of a product will sell itself. And while some products are more visually arresting than others, the truth is that today’s shopper is often more interested in the story behind the product and what it does for them than they are in just the product itself. And Google? Well, Google likes strong content containing keywords, keyword synonyms, outbound links and internal links. That’s where SEO produce descriptions come in.

I specialize in SEO product descriptions that can help what you sell rank higher in organic search — but that still sound natural and enticing and are written in your company’s unique voice. Let’s talk about how to upgrade your product descriptions today.


Fresh American Le Tote Denim/Sprout Tote Bag, Grand

Snappy style is in the bag! Our sweetly smart yet rough-and-tumble tote bags—made of durable polypropylene with leather handles—are an easy way to add pizzazz to your favorite outfit. Available in three patterns and sizes. 


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