Social Media Content Creation: Instagram Post

A sample Instagram post to introduce¬†the Annie Selke Companies’ new Luxe collection.

Robin Catalano social media content creator manager strategist Instagram


This post is a first look at an all-new collection of home decor and bedding for a luxury linens company. My goal as a social media content creator for Instagram is choose images that tell a story on their own, and then complement them with click-worthy, actionable copy. This post features a logo watermark and creative copy, in the more formal, sophisticated voice of the brand, with hashtags.

While best practices at the time this post was created were to include up to five hashtags only, we’re now finding that eleven hashtags seems to be the sweet spot on Instagram. I space them out from the text, to prevent a cluttered look that distracts from the reading experience.


Annie’s been having an affair…with textiles. Learn how this lifelong love has led her to create #AnnieSelkeLuxe, an exercise in subtlety, serenity, and masterful European craftsmanship. #freshamericanstyle #ontheblog

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