Website copywriting for Cohen + White Associates Real Estate

Robin Catalano website copywriter real estate Albany Berkshires

The team at Cohen + White Associates, a boutique real estate agency in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, had a primary directive for their new website’s copy: “Don’t be boring.” The owner, Mary Jane White, wanted a seasoned website copywriter to work with her to make her site sound fresh, compelling, and readable, and to help it stand out from those of her competitors. For this copywriting project, I started by interviewing her, to fully understand the cultured, modern image she wanted to project, and to more easily establish a distinctive voice to match.

I conducted extensive research on competitor sites, on common questions asked and frequent concerns expressed by real estate buyers and sellers, and on industry-relevant short and long-tail keywords. Armed with this information, and based on the site architecture developed by the agency and T Square Design Studio, I donned my website copywriter hat to craft text for all of the site’s main and subpages (with the exception of the real estate listings themselves; those are all courtesy of the experts at Cohen + White). I also helped kick-start the agency’s blog with a pair of keyword-rich posts, and provided strategic direction on topics for future posts.

View the entire Cohen + White site (including those gorgeous, moody black-and-white photos), and learn more about their unique approach to buying and selling homes.



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