Website Copywriting: FreeFall Laser

Robin Catalano website copywriter creative copywriting for websites FreeFall Laser


Fine artist Sarah Pike knew how she wanted the voice of her new website to sound, but wasn’t sure how to get there. Because her business — laser cutting for fine-art applications — is unique in the region, and Sarah herself is a forward-thinking, collaborative artist, we wanted creative website copywriting that felt sophisticated yet approachable, innovative and process-oriented. We also wanted website copy that not only expressed the voice of her business, but clearly put the benefit to the customer up front, instead of just highlighting FreeFall’s services.

Through a series of interviews and discussions, we came up with a list of voice and image keywords to help dictate the voice and style of the FreeFall brand and website. After running a series of SEO keyword searches, I crafted the first draft of the copy and invited Sarah to offer her feedback. Her insider view of the art world was invaluable in ensuring that we not only put FreeFall squarely in the spotlight, but also addressed the types of concerns and questions clients were likely to have. The resulting website shares FreeFall’s compelling brand story while also making a compelling case for why fine artists, architects, and designers will benefit from Sarah’s laser-cutting services.

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