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Nuance Fidelis is a translation service based in Ottawa, Canada, and run by the multitalented, multilingual Fanny Havel. Fanny was in the midst of rebranding her company and needed everything from a tagline to a homepage and a FAQ. Over the course of a few Skype sessions, we zeroed in on the elements that make her business distinctive among translation services, and how she wanted it to differ from the copywriting for websites that might compete in the same category as hers. Fanny mentioned a Nelson Mandela quote she loved, which I wound up placing atop her bio on the About page. I also selected other quotes about language and communication to kick off each page and make the site more unique to Fanny and her mission.

I really enjoy working with small, women-owned businesses on copywriting projects, and helping them find their voice in the overcrowded marketing sphere. The Nuance Fidelis site is a great example of taking a small-business website to the next level with sharp copy that feels authentic to the owner’s vision and goals. Read more about Nuance Fidelis and the voice we created for the site.

To learn about my signature process for helping clients develop a distinctive voice that feels authentic and matches their mission and the image they want to project to customers, get in touch with me today. 



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