The Blended House: Making Disparate Décor Styles Work with Fracture Photo Prints


I received discounted printing services from Fracture in exchange for writing this post.  


This image of fishermen at work in Goa, India, is one of my travel photos that made the final cut for our wall installation.


In my post on the need for silence, I mentioned that my partner, who just got a new job in Eastern Massachusetts, and I are considering a move, and the complex issues it’s raised. (More on that to come in future posts.) Amid the stress of updating my current home for sale, figuring out how to relocate my business, which has a strong local base, and just plain not knowing exactly where we’ll end up and if we’ll like it, I’ve found moments of comfort in doing some armchair exploration of the new area. This includes hunting for arts-and-culture communities, local festivals and events, and places for outdoor recreation, as well as house shopping.


I hear you: real estate causes its own propriety brand of agita, and wouldn’t be tops on the list of relaxing activities for most people. But for me, in the midst of all the upheaval and uncertainty, online house shopping, courtesy of the MLS listings sent to me by a broker out east, has been something to look forward to every day.


What I don’t look forward to: trying to blend our personal styles.


The core of the issue is that we disagree on the types of art and decor we like. I tend toward the weird, wacky, and abstract, and he prefers the more classical and figurative. I like a lot of color; he’d be fine with a house full of gallery-esque white walls. He’d just as soon take a Spartan approach to furniture and décor, while I’m comforted by being surrounded by objects of different sizes and textures, that remind me of specific places and experiences. Bridging the divide between these styles seems like a pretty big roadblock.


But since we both love to travel and have taken a bunch of memorable trips together, I had an idea: why not create an installation of some of our favorite travel photos?


Enter Fracture, a Gainesville, Florida–based company that specializes in printing photos on glass. I’d met the Fracture reps at Design Bloggers Conference, where I spoke in 2016, and was immediately struck by the crispness and color saturation of Fracture photo prints. Because the prints are a combination of image, frame, and mount, you don’t have to worry about mats and frames, which are not only expensive, but also create one more décor decision—and, considering my partner’s and my disparate approaches to decorating, one more headache. Fracture also makes it simple to order; upload your favorite photos, choose the size prints you need, and go straight to checkout. The prints show up on your doorstep about a week later.


Robin-Catalano-content-strategist-Fracture photo prints on glass 1

Robin-Catalano-content-strategist-Fracture-photo-prints-on-glass 2


Through August 2, Fracture is offering 20 percent off your order with code SUMMERSALE. You can also enter Fracture’s summer contest to win $500 in prints.


Stay tuned for the final installation reveal of Fracture photo prints in our new digs later this year.

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